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Pearl Rhythm Foundation
  • Strengthen the local independent music scene in Uganda and promote the concept of collaborative working across the creative industry;
  • Encourage artists to reflect and celebrate Uganda’s unique cultural heritage through their music;
  • Empower individuals with the skills, strategies and tools to create sustainable careers;
  • Provide non-formal music industry training and cultural entrepreneurism;
  • Encourage the development of self-management and professionalism in Uganda’s independent music sector;
  • Demonstrate how a grassroots network can pilot the music industry in Uganda;
  • Create a platform for world music and networking among social groups and grassroots networks.
Our primary objective is to identify, nurture and expose authentic Ugandan, thereby creating a source of identity and pride out of Ugandan talent and cultural roots.
The Pearl Rhythm Foundation is a Ugandan grassroots music and creative community created in 2012, with an aim of strengthening a unique and independent local music scene in Uganda. Each year we hold the Pearl Rhythm Festival, and 2016 marks the 5th edition. The Pearl Rhythm Festival offers a unique platform for those who aim to encourage the evolution and prosperity of music in Uganda. The event has steadily grown every year to become bigger, better and fresher entertainment.

Our 2016 activities will also include the Stage Coach music-training program, monthly activations at the National Theatre in Kampala, and the culminating festival, altogether providing countless opportunities to celebrate and contribute to society as artists together with all our development partners.
The Pearl Rhythm Foundation is a local Ugandan grassroots music and creative community that aims to strengthen an independent music scene in Uganda. Our objective is to bring together like-minded people to build, discuss and expose their ideas and talents to grow a unique music identity and network in Uganda.
As a platform to showcase these efforts, the Pearl Rhythm Festival was initiated in December 2012. The festival started off with the support of development partners like Alliance Française, Uganda German Cultural Society, and a collection of early supporters in Uganda’s private sector. It was first hosted by AFK/UGCS on Mackinnon road for two years (2012 and 2013), and then progressed to be hosted at the Uganda National Cultural Centre (National Theatre), where it has been based ever since.

In the last thee years, the Pearl Rhythm Foundation has through the festival and stage coach program featured and mentored some of Uganda’s leading world music and alternative artists, such as: Suzan Kerunen, Myko Ouma,  Kaz Kasozi, Most Wanted Band, Jamila Nasanga, Sempeke Bisaso, Hakim Kiwanuka, Jovan Kiyinji, Kinobe Herbert, Harry Lwanga, Jamal, Qwela, Joel Sebunjo, Irene Ntale, Clarissa Nabulime and Lillian, Ceasar Kajura and the city blend band, The Undercover Brothers, Arpeggio, Charles Obina and matata, Raymod Parwot, Sammy kasule, Afrigo  and Watmon Troupe.

The Pearl Rhythm Foundation offers a unique platform for those who aim to encourage the development of Ugandan cultural music, supporting the evolution of our traditional sounds and instruments, with an aim of creating a locally and internationally recognized identity for “Ugandan music,” while also improving the professionalization of the independent music sector in Uganda.

The Pearl Rhythm Foundation Directors:
Suzan Kerunen: Musician and Official National Tourism Goodwill Ambassador –Uganda:

Tugume Ambrose: Sound Engineer and one of the greatest young drummers in Uganda today, Ambrose has been touring with Soul Beat Africa - - since 2005.

Lukwago Jude: Sound engineer and music producer of Pearl rhythm Studio, Jude has been a sound engineer  playing professional keyboard and piano with Soul Beat Africa and many other local and international artistsfor the past 20 years.

Rose Kerunen: Artist and Entrepreneur, Rose is the Co-founder of e-WaAfrika, a creative social enterprise that develops and implements strategic, innovative interventions for sustainable socio-economic transformation.
The Pearl Rhythm Art Archive program
Where children Learn Skills for Life

The Pearl Rhythm Art Archive program nurtures and develops young people's potential by catering for the needs of young performers - whether they are budding talents or reserved and shy. The program spends time on individual potentials giving them a chance to shine, to learn and to develop. The art archive provides a springboard for future leading young talent to be able to grow in confidence and ability and is committed to helping children develop in all these areas of the performing arts while at the same time introducing them to a range of musical genres and skills in a friendly, safe and fun environment.

For whom?
The program is for young people aged between 6 and 18 years. The program operates for four (4) hours each week during term-time, or after school. During the program kids learn to sing, dance and play traditional instruments like Adungu(Harp) Percussions, Flute, and traditional and contemporary dances from Uganda.

The class is split into two sections with a snack break of 20 mins to allow rest and refreshments for the youngstars. Every monday and wednesday.

Extra skills
Additionally youngsters gain confidence, self-esteem and learn to express themselves creatively and effectively through singing, dance and instrumental classes. These skills acquired do not disappear when they come off stage, they are skills for life. In addition to the Teaching and Learning , Classes have been drawn up to help ensure sessions are energetic, well-disciplined, well-organized and purposeful. The classes also make it easy in teaching students who have particular learning needs or difficulties.

All classes are run by professional dance, drama and music teachers with experience from the Pearl Rhythm team. The art archive however is not just for performers, it is also for those who wish simply to enjoy learning to sing and dance and play.

The art archive objective is to enable children and teenagers to grow into culturally aware people full of useful bursting talent for their future life. The system allows them to gradually grow at their own speed, into effective human beings. At the same time our caring and talented teachers and supervisors make sure they keep their feet firmly on the ground.

Learn with play
Fun is an essential element of any program and the Art Archive believes that Children love to achieve and they like to do so in a lively and balanced environment. The art archive is set out to create an environment for fun and exploration. Children love to achieve and they like to do so in a disciplined environment. At the Art Archive we don't set out to create fun, the students do that for themselves. By engaging them and letting them share what they have.

Teaching packages
Our dance classes build strength and co-ordination and are a fun way to get great exercise. Classes will improve coordination and technique and give the children an opportunity to learn traditional musical dance ensemble which can be fused into other cultures easily.

Fun and challenging exercises are used to develop physical skills, coordination and rhythm, while contemporary dance routines are explored alongside the music, to give young people a broad experience of different dance styles.

Students try out traditional dance routines, like Ding Ding, Kiganda dance, Runyege, and other traditional dances from Uganda. These dances routines will increase their flexibility and confidence, enhancing their ability to pick up steps quickly and smoothly.

African Percussion is a session which will introduce the youngsters to learning and playing different African percussions. In these sessions students will be able to learn several skills as used in African percussions. African percussions accompany Songs, stories and narrations from Africa. Drumming enhances the ability to focus the mind, stimulate the cognitive development and release stress. It also activates multiple brain systems.
  • Drumming increases self-esteem and results in a sense of empowerment and enhanced ability to focus.
  • Drumming allows people to recognize new possibilities and discover their own natural talent that is inherent in everybody.
  • The rhythms of Africa are endless and allow much room for creative self- expression and fusion.
  • A drum circle is a unique experience, like the Ngige or Agwara and Bwola from Gulu and west Nile respectively in Uganda, this gives one an interactive experience which will bring out a sense of giving and receiving at the same time.
Singing lessons can be daunting for shy children that is why we use a mixture of musical theatre and contemporary songs as well as vocal exercises. This combination builds confidence slowly and by the end of term every child will have had the opportunity to sing solo without any pressure. The class will introduce students to different rhythms and tempos in music allowing them to challenge themselves with a wide range of songs while improving technique and vocal ability. Children identify where their voices come from and how sounds are made and formed. While working as a group, students learn more complex harmonies and intricate songs while in the Solo singing sessions students will be equipped with the confidence and skill.

Music as used in Africa
  • Music engages a variety of learning styles integrates multiple human intelligences and creates a communal experience.
  • By singing together as normally done in Africa, people develop team work and learn how to live and appreciate different cultures and values.
  • Music helps rejuvenate some lost cultures and helps people discover and appreciate diversity.
  • Music as done in Africa is used to help people relax and develop self-esteem, as they feel a sense of accomplishment through rhythm.
  • Music motivates people to participate in a group activity and usually produces a positive emotional response, this will create a positive, social change in the lives of people and aims at delivering important messages such as forgiveness, love, life, dreams and difficult situations one may be going through.
Additional Package
  • Public speaking skills-To build confidence
  • Cultural Etiquette-Valuable skill to impart Humility and knowledge
  • African puppetry-To discover talent and relax the mind through play
  • Physical classes-to keep fit and sharpen the mind
With our well planned package, each child becomes more confident, socially aware and can discover their full potential. While having lots of fun and making new friends and learning skills in each of the three Musical Theatre disciplines of singing, dancing, drumming & drama.

Parents receive individually written reports on their child's progress frequently. And will be able to assess the growth of their children at the end of the course term during the end of season galas staged at the National theatre.

Time: 9:00am-12:00pm
Day: Monday and Wednesday
Fee: 30,000 per hour( four hours a week)
Additional costs: Instruments(Adungu, drums, Flute) 100,000ugx per piece
T Shirts: 20,000ugx
For those who can not pack a snack, a snack bar will be open for 5000ugx(  A healthy drink and a snack will be served)
Drinks: Fresh Juice, tea, water
Snacks: Freshly baked cake, Chapati,  Samosa, Sandwich
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National Theatre
Kampala, Uganda

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